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Alimony Reform Sweeps the Coast: MA, New Jersey, and Florida

Elizabeth Benedict: Alimony Reform Sweeps the Coast: MA, New Jersey, and Florida.

Interesting article today regarding proposed modifications to what many people feel is an antiquated alimony system. Alimony, or spousal support, can be categorized as “periodic”, or payable over time, or “in gross”, which is more of a one-time property settlement. The factors courts consider when awarding alimony include:

  • The future earning ability of the parties;
  • The contribution of each party to the marital finances;
  • The length/duration of the marriage;
  • Fault by one or both parties;
  • Other factors

Unfortunately, many times the alimony award, whether temporary or permanent, creates a financial disaster for the payer and a potential windfall for the payee. The article lists several horror stories that are reflective of some of the problems with the current alimony system in many states. Hopefully more reform will be proposed that can clean up a lot of the problem areas when it comes to alimony in divorce cases.